Purpose defined technical specification delivered in QUALITY products

Furnlock and Slide (Pty) Ltd
Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town

Purpose defined technical specifications delivered in quality products.

With 20 years of industry experience and expertise, we provide quality slides, castors, glass fittings and accessories, knock down fittings, locks and combination locks. Showcasing the top industry brands in the world, including:

REPON is the brand leader in developing and manufacturing of high-quality slides, with strong engineering capabilities, which has enabled them to secure over 100 patents worldwide. Repon designs, manufactures and packages products to various industries including office furniture, kitchen cabinetry, toolbox and home and appliance uses.

GUUB locks and combination locks

SISO Denmark specializes in producing furniture fittings and accessories and will continue developing with focus on functionality and design. Their products include table slides and accessories, passion hinges, cabinet fittings, castors and glides, knock down fittings and much more.

We supply the automotive and 4x4 industry, kitchen and cabinet designers and manufacturers, architecture and interior designers, office furniture suppliers, designers and manufacturers.

Furnlock and Slide - Pty Ltd
Furnlock and Slide - Pty Ltd is feeling excited at Furnlock and Slide - Pty Ltd.Feb 2, 2018 @ 3:38pm
Furnlock is very excited about introducing our new Grab Handle! This glass-filled Nylon Handle boasts high UV Resistance and does not warp or deform in the sun making it the only choice for your Canopy Handles, Caravan Corner Handles, Drawer system handles, and more. Do you have any reason not to contact Furnlock immediately to get yours today? http://www.furnlock.co.za/product/grab_handle/ #4x4 #grabhandle #handles
Furnlock and Slide - Pty Ltd
Furnlock and Slide - Pty LtdAug 31, 2017 @ 9:44am
Did you know? The best way to secure our slides is to use a good fastening screw or rivet. Call Furnlock for advice on the best fastening method for your choice of slide. #slides #didyouknow
Furnlock and Slide - Pty Ltd
Furnlock and Slide - Pty LtdAug 29, 2017 @ 9:32am
Did you know? If slides are installed in tailgate bakkies, trailers, caravans, and canopies be sure to use a dust proof kit as dust affects mobility of slides. #slides #4x4 #caravan #didyouknow
  • Automotive & Leisure

    We offer a range of heavy duty and super heavy duty Repon ball bearing slides for drawer systems as well as a full range of industrial locking applications for the 4x4 canopy and trailer manufactures.

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  • Slides

    We offer a wide range of quality Repon ball bearing slides, for furniture, automotive as well as industrial applications.

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  • Castors

    Ours castor range includes industrial Thermoplastic Rubber castors, non-marking Nylon wheel castors and double Polyurethane wheel castors. They either come with a top plate or bolt stem as well as a brake or non-braking option.

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  • Glass Fittings & Accessories

    The Passion Glass Door fittings consists of locks, hinges and handles for inset frameless glass doors. No drilling is required as all fittings are attached using soft tipped grub screws. Natural anodised aluminium finish.

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  • Knock Down Fittings

    Combfix is our range of knock down fittings used in the production of “flat pack” furniture and kitchen units and is the perfect solution for all your timber fixing requirements.

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  • Locks

    Our WKL Furniture Locks provide a complete solution for the office furniture market, based on a master key and barrel removal system. We also offer a wide range of industrial locks for more robust applications as well as different locking solution for the automotive industry.

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  • Combination Locks

    Taking furniture locking solutions to the next level. Say goodbye to the administrative burden and hassles of key management, with our electronic - key coded Guub locks and combination dial locks for all applications of office furniture and cabinetry.

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